About Us

“AMOURLOUIE" Bags/Accessories embodies the free spirit of individuality.
“AMOURLOUIE" Bags/Accessories are synonymous with being independent, creative, stylish with an ageless & timeless Bohemian soul! 

Our Bags/Accessories are created with passion coupled with professional skills of Indian & European freelance designers who collaborate their artisanal experience to bring about a predominantly handmade flawless product which exuberates a combination of vibrant hues, original jacquards, magical beads/embroideries and immaculate attention to detail.

Our Bags/Accessories are ultra-light, extremely comfortable and the sturdy workmanship conforms to the natural shapes of shoulders, sides & backs. They range from cross body bags and hand-held clutches/purses to backpacks and messenger bags, and all are infused with a sinfully playful personality.

We can develop bags as per spec sheet or drawing or pictures, do email us if you have any such query!!!

We take pride in doing private label business and can turn around custom orders with precision and at extremely competitive pricing. No order is too small.